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One of the most important forms of communication is writing.

Expressing our confidence in a given piece of knowledge helps with decision making. It also opens the door for others to challenge our beliefs so that they do not feel that they are making you 100% wrong1. Expressing confidence also allows others to evaluate the information without treating it as true initially. This helps break the cycle for them of motivated reasoning by never allowing it to start.

Counter-intuitively expressing confidence alongside facts can also increase trust in the speaker because it signals that they are trying to tell the truth, that they considered the quantity and quality of information. That they are thoughtful and self-aware1.

Storytelling is an important part of selling an idea. When trying to build broad consensus for an idea, sell bottom-up and top-down with your storytelling 2.

Communication occurs in the white space, rather than the dictated vertical lines of an org chart, across teams and amongst peers 3.

Useful tools in communication:


Meetings convey culture Whiteboards bias towards the drawer Chatham House Rule


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