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  • The Writing Well1 handbook by Julian Shapiro
  • Writing is a method for building a network and being “micro” famous for introverts2.
  • It is important to find your voice in writing, so that your writing is equialent to when you talk3.
  • Journaling
  • Blogging

Explanatory Writing

  • Use concrete examples to explain things3

Basic Structure3

  1. Explaining what they’ll explain and how they’ll explain it
  2. Explaining it
  3. Summarising what they’ve just explained

Writing Confidently

Avoid weasal words and couching your statements. Rarely does this actually give you the safety you want. “In my opinion, the rocket will go fast”. We understand that it is your opinion, simply state, “The rocket will go fast”. This is especially true when writing to your superiors / bosses. There is a desire to be “safe” and not tell them what to do. if you are worried about this, present the facts as you see them, then offer your opinion on course of action. If you are not certain about a something, decide if you want to be saying it. If you do, find support. If you can’t find support, cite that, or reconsider your priors.

Books on Writing


  • The Art and Business of Online Writing4 - Nicolas Cole
  • On Writing5 - Stephen King
  • On Writing Well6 - William Zissner
  • The Sense of Style7 - Steven Pinker
  • The Art and Business of Online Writing4 - Nicolas Cole
  • Writing that works8 - Kenneth Roman & Joel Raphaelson


  • Show your Work - Austin Kleon
  • The Creative Habit - Twyla Twarp


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