Software Development Practices

A team at Microsoft wrote a best practices playbook.

  • Heuristics for Effective Software Development - meta-list of best practices for developing software
  • Keep a log1 of your work as you progress through the day/week/etc. Taking the time to write it down will increase understanding and provide future context.

Modern software development is about communication not lines of code written

Software Development is not apolitical, few people are able to build an entire feature, much less an entire product of sufficient complexity. The shibboleth of the rockstar programmer or 10X developer never really appear, and now it is a common caricature that we mock and lampoon. Development requires coordination and communication of emeshed and increasingly complicated systems. This requires more and more coordination with others, therefore communication is an ever important part of development2.

Style Linters



Elliot-McCrea, K. Getting Real about Managing up. Infoq at

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