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Becoming a leader starts with leading without authority.

What is it?

Leadership is much less about what you do and much more about who you are.

Leadership has a “know it when I see it quality”, and it is separate and distinct from management. Subbu Allamaraju had a decent treatise on1 what defines leadership. He notes several qualities:

  1. Leadership is about being a better person. Personal flaws greatly hinder progress as a leader.
  2. To create a high performing team, you must help others grow as leaders. Taking time to scale people allows more time for the leader.
  3. Leaders must set unarguable goals for the team they lead

When trying to accomplish the above, he points out the following behaviors:

  1. Setting the pace (decision making, task execution, progress tracking etc). Don’t let issues linger
  2. Watching for excuses -> probe into why constraints exist. Do not stop at team boundaries.
  3. Use your leverage. Use your title to solve problems appropriate for your scope.
  4. Follow through with commitments
  5. Sharpen your knives (keep your understanding of technology). Use this expertise to ask better questions.
  6. Picking up the hard parts of growing people


Allamaraju, S. My Leadership Document 2021 Edition. (2021).