Goal Setting

One way to think about longer term goal setting is in terms of persistent models vs. point-in-time goals. A point-time goal is a specific goal that the team tries to accomplish in a fixed period (quarter/year). Persistent models are north star metrics that persist for longer periods of time. For example, if you are creating a marketing product, your north star metric might be leads converted to sales. The point-in-time goals might be a project to increase the call to action visibility1. A north star metric is a bridge between leading and lagging metrics. Leading metrics are those most easily influenced by work, whereas lagging are typically the ones that the business cares about2.

On picking an unarguable goal, you must be honest to highlight brutal facts, invest in tackling the hard problems first, be grounded in reality, and continually persuade, inspire and walk with talk. You should expect criticism and pushback from peers and your team members. You must show empathy and patience to talk to people who don’t believe in what you’re saying.

  • Subbu Allamaraju 3


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