Scrum is an agile methodology.

Stand ups

A common format for stand ups is:

  1. What did you work on yesterday?
  2. What are you working on today?
  3. Are you blocked by anything?

The point has been made that questions one and two are likely pointless for the broader team1. These questions monitor the work being done, but are unlikely to unblock other team members. Assuming you are using a scrum board tool (JIRA, Github), you can see what work is being done and so you do not need these questions.

Alternative question formats:

  1. What does the team need to know about your work (that the JIRA board can’t say)?
  2. What are you blocked by? Alternatively, what is prevent the cards you are responsible for from moving into the next phase/completion?


Johns, A. Why ``Standups’’ are Useless and How to Run Great Product Team Meetings. Unusual ventures Blog at (2019).