Text Editors

My personal journey with text editors started with full featured IDEs (at the time, eclipse). When i began working in software full time I started using Sublime which at the time had a solid package system and easier GUI. I began experimenting with vim mode in Sublime and eventually switched to vim. I used vim consistently for many years and migrated to Neovim as it became more stable, popular, and performant. Most recently, I have transitioned over to Emacs with vim keybindings. Spacemacs was the first framework I tried, but switched over to Doom Emacs which seems simpler and easier to extend.

Alternative editors

  • helix editor - written in Rust, has some ergonomic defaults but just different enough from vim to be unusable for me as of: <2021-12-17 Fri>
  • amp - written in Rust, meant to vim like
  • nova - Native macOS app, paid, by Panic the authors of Coda

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