Recorded zoom sessions can provide great reference material for building onboarding material or even used as onboarding videos themselves1.

Set onboarding and mentorship goals:

  • 30/60/90 plan
  • An alternative to the 30/60/90 is a less rigid, but still goal oriented process. Naomi Kriger detailed her spreadsheet process in a medium post1.

Onboard team members through story telling

Understanding the technical structure and infrastructure of a company’s product can be duanting during the on-boarding process. Particularly for junior employees. You can improve the process by creating a story of the user journey at a high level. This should include visualizes, some corporate history, and not contain low-level details2.

Onboarding Juniors to a Technical Team

Task-based onboarding

Use structured tasks to test and measure onboarding. Particularly for juniors this can be essential for learning and growth plans3. For example:

Create a toy repo, after the employee feels they have a strong feel for git, ask them to perform a series of common tasks that would encounter on a day-to-day basis:

  • Staging work
  • Making a well formed commit message
  • Diff against a different branch
  • Rebase a branch with conflicts
  • Open a PR on the toy repo


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