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Business -> Architecture -> Process -> Organization (BAPO)

Business (product) should drive your (technical) architecture which drives your way of working (process) which drives your organization.

A way to do this1:

  1. Find the parts of the product that are
    1. commodity
    2. differentiating
    3. innovative
  2. Adjust architectural service boundaries to remove coupling along lifecycle stages. i.e. sort your architecture by the lifecycle stage
  3. Set ways of working based product lifecycle stage. i.e. make the commodity stuff easy to maintain, incrementally improve on differentiating aspects, continually look for innovation
  4. Design the org structure to group related capabilities

Created by Jan Bosch2.


Yip, J. Concepts I use every day: BAPO. Nerd for tech (2021).
Bosch, J. Structure Eats Strategy. Software driven world (2017).

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