Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland

Say Nothing is a Narrative Non-Fiction Book that covers The Troubles in Ireland (late 60s into 2010s). It’s compellingly written, and has a strong narrative bent. If I had to chose, I would read this and then read the drier but more comprehensive The Provos: The IRA and Sinn Fein. The history of the IRA and Sinn Féin starts with the kidnapping of a single mother, Jean McConville. It then weaves in the stories of Dolours Price and Brendan Hughes, two IRA fighters who were both captured and participated in the hunger strikes. A key aspect to the story telling is the “Boston Tapes”, an oral history, project that interviewed both Brendan and Dolours. While the narrative follows, Jean, Brendand, and Dolours in a more personal way. Gerry Adams course from IRA fighter, to leader, to political leader is charted through his relationships to the protagonists.

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