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Document Management System

Organizing and Controlling infrequent, but often important, paper mail I receive is a nagging problem. My long standing solution is to scan and shred, retaining only the most important documents (contracts, tax forms, mementos). Unfortunately, this just leads to a bunch of scanned documents with obscure date based filenames and hopefully OCR’d contents. The solution to this is a document management system software. Paperless-ngx is an open source solution that can be run easily in a document container. By setting up the media and consume docker volumes as network shares I can easily backup and add documents. All in all my workflow is to mail as in comes in an inbox. Every few weeks I use a scanner connected to my Homelab machines, which scans the PDF into the consume share. Paperless they pulls the document out of consume, tries to match the sender and likely destination via a learning algorithm, and then places it in the media directory. I can then manually fix any mistakes and then documents are legibly stored and accessible within that share.