“Aggressive schedule,” I’ve come to suspect, is a kind of code phrase—understood implicitly by all involved—for a schedule that is absurd, that has no chance at all of being met. The key here is that the schedule be patently absurd; just not demonstrably absurd.

  • Tom DeMarco1

A product roadmap should communciate how you will get from today to where you want to be based on your product vision and product strategy2.

There are “product roadmaps” which focus on a single product, and then there are “portfolio roadmaps” that span across several products. Portfolio roadmaps become necessary because likely they are service by a shared engineering resource2.

Roadmap Antipatterns anti-patterns

  • Roadmap is delivered from C-Suite or a higher level without consultation3
  • Focus on feature output rather than the outcomes desired2,3
  • Lack of collaboartion among stakeholders, the team, and other teams3
  • Lack of tie in with strategy3


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