Supporting a Laboring Partner

Its possible, and perhaps likely, that nothing will go the way you plan it during labor. Therefore, you should have a birth plan but realize that you will have to be flexible and prepare yourself for alternative outcomes/plans.

  • When you arrive at triage try to get wireless monitor if available. This allows the partner to be much more mobile in the room and less bed bound.
  • Wear your most comfortable shoes since you potentially could have a long time on your feet.
  • Pack and bring easy to grab and easy to digest foods: Dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, etc.
  • Hydration for both you and your partner, bring reusable water bottles and have a straw for the laboring partner.

Hospital Stay during labor and postpartum

  • Slip on shoes or sandals for the middle of night.
  • Bring own pillow and blanket
  • Couch bed was very uncomfortable as a couch, less noticeable as a bed when exhausted. I wish I had a normal chair in that room, consider a camp stool or something similar?
  • Eye shade and earbuds/ear plugs

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