Huey Long

Louisiana politician in the 1930s. Biography I draw from for the below1:

  • Wanted to emulate Williams Jennings Bryan populism
  • came from a fairly well off family
  • Started as a salesman, moved into law
  • indefatigable and energetic in his campaigning in 1927
    • attacked other politicians in a way that was outside the norm for the time.
    • Shunned support for political bosses and attacked them instead
    • Used the radio and soap box speaking
  • Attacked the media as being biased against him
  • Impeached by the house of Louisiana, acquitted by the senate on a technical matter of the chargers
  • Considered by FDR to be one of the two most dangerous men in America during FDR’s election where Long stumped for him across the country
  • Setup the Bureau of Criminal Identification with powers to arrest anyone in the state. This group was accursed of kidnapping a critic set to testify against Long during his senate run
  • Argued for a re-distribution of wealth during the depression
  • Overly involved in LSU, helping to raise the university’s stature and particular focused on the advancement of its football team
  • Helped get Hattie Caraway elected in Arkansas, the first female elected senator by campaigning for her
  • Reminds me of a cross between Donald Trump and Robert Moses


White, R. Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long. (Random House Trade Paperbacks, New York, 2006).