Windows Managers

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macOS has it’s own built in window management solution, and therefore does not support window managers out of the box. The most popular, highest powered windows manager is yabai. Yabai allows fine grained control over windows an spaces, but unfortunately requires disabling parts of System Integrity Protection (SIP) to get full functionality. The majority of window placement works without disabling SIP and so it’s worth while to try without SIP. Yabai uses a binary space partitioning layout. Pair yabai with the shortcut key tool skhd (written by the same developer) and you get full window navigation from your keyboard.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about disabling SIP you can try Amethyst, which provides similar window placement options and alternative layouts besides BSP. I found Amethyst to work but too buggy to be reliable for day-to-day.

Finally, Hammerspoon can be setup to control placement of windows (not a window manager though) with hotkeys. I’ve used this setup for awhile, as seen in my dotfiles here and here.

Sample Yabai configs