Ways to Build Remote Culture

  • Create an internal stories podcast where team members can share their life story for others to get to know them1.
  • No meeting days1
  • “What did you do this weekend bot” 1
  • Schedule S’Ups: bot picks 3 people at random each week for a 30 min catch up / get to know you call. A triad means you always get a dynamic group from a cross section of the team. This builds relationships and breaks silos across product, eng, ops, growth, etc1
  • Host Retreats twice a year
  • Donate money together: At a team retreat we divided our team into groups of 4 with one goal: give away $10,000 in $100 at a time. With 50 people on the team that meant each group had to find about 12 charities to support. Then we regrouped to share who we donated to & why1


Barry, N. Here are 10 ideas for building great culture in a distributed team. at https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1480944048189980678.html (2022).

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