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SVGOMG - SVGO’s Missing GUI has useful tooling for manipulating SVGs

JavaScript :front-end:

The Javascript ecosystem evolves quickly, and therefore whatever is written here is already out of date. However, there have emerged a few stable frameworks as of 2024. React is by far the most popular library for building front end applications, however it is not a framework and so NextJS fills that gap. Vue is another popular React like framework. AlpineJS is a simpler framework, and provides lightweight front end updates. It pairs well with server side rendering frameworks like LiveView.

Vanilla Javascript is also regaining popularity, for example You Might not need jQuery provides vanilla JS alternatives to common jQuery functionality.


bruno is a postman alternative

Web Assembly

  • Seed is a rust based framework for the front-end like ELM that uses web assembly

Static Site


Encryption on the Web

  • TLS

TLS, byte by byte - see the byte by byte transmission of a site Timelock Encryption: Send a secret into the future

Web Development