Spores on tree roots. Needs heat from sunlight, needs drainage, right pH, can’t have too high (25) or low of temperature (-5C)

Takes 7-10 years to grow

Many different kinds: white, black, and summer are most well known. Summer is different (less aromatic) quality than the other two. White and black have different profiles, the price difference is attributable to white being harder to find and grow, not necessarily quality or desirability.

Best time to buy is in January, prices for black truffles will peak around Christmas/holidays

What to look for: firm and aromatic. Marbling is a sign of freshness.

When hunting for dead grass around a tree where the truffles have released.

Two methods for hunting: animal (pigs or dogs) and using a stick to disrupt a specific type of fly (rust colored) that lands over truffles

When looking at truffle products look for infused with truffles in ingredients, otherwise it is likely artificial flavoring.

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