Salary Negotiation

  1. Let the other side go first and anchor monetary negotiations.

  2. Establish a range, expect the counter party to come in on the low end.

    1. Counter by recalling a similar deal which establishes your “ball park” albeit the best possible ballpark you wish to be in.
  3. Be plesantly persistent on non-salary terms

  4. After initial salary is negotiated, define terms for success and next raise/promotion.

    1. “What does it take to be successful here?”
  5. Question like “What does it take to be successful here?” helps define success and invests the counterparty in your success


What do you think you should be paid?


Without range understanding

“It’s early in the interview process, and I’m still getting to know the role and doing my research, but if you’re trying to fit into a certain range that would be helpful to know"

I’m still calibrating

With range understanding

Based on all the research I’ve done and conversations I’ve had, I’m thinking this role should probably pay $XX in terms of base salary plus bonus, equity and other benefits. I wonder if that lines up with what you’re thinking.”


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