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Starting a new technical management job

General tips:

  1. Be humble in your approach1
  2. Listen more than speaking1
  3. Don’t try to contribute value to early1
  4. Don’t belittle past efforts1
  5. Have opinions not dogmas1
  6. Focus on evolution, not a revolution (don’t flip over the table)1
  7. Don’t chase ghosts, I.e. don’t bring the problems of your previous company and assume the same issues are relevant to the new company 2.
  8. One of the the things that the best new executives will do is get the lay of the land, talk to a ton of people, put together an org plan, and put together a time-based roadmap for their function 3.

Erik Bernhardsson wrote a narrative for on-boarding as technical leader in data cite:bernhardssonBuildingDataTeam. Much of the narrative is data specific, but the approach is generalizable as a technical leader: identify problem areas, find ways to deliver business value, re-trench on people / org issues, meet with stake holders.


Rubinstein, N. How to Start a New Tech Exec Job. Medium (2021).

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