St. Bart's

  • Stayed at Hotel Christopher, expensive hotel without a beach but a great infinity pool, had transportation between ferry and hotel
  • Rented a car from Avis as it was less expensive than the hotel and they deliver. Get a small car, the streets are narrow and parking is tight.
  • Used Voyager ferry to get from St. Martin (French Side) and Gustavia, need to book ahead but the ferry was reliable and about an hr
  • Higher prices than Anguilla and in Euro. Expect European prices and island premium, so above average amount on drinks and food (for NY or SF prices)
  • Nikki Beach has a club scene on Sunday’s at brunch, can be a fun mix of party music and beach
  • Shellona is a beachy style restraunat with solid mediterranean food
  • Did a great seafood dinner at Bonito, makes intersting cocktails
  • Potenially good surf at Lorient beach where there is a surf shack (AJOE Reefer Surf Club) that rents boards if you call ahead
    • St. Jean beach split is another alternative for surf
  • Flew out of SXM on St. Martin’s by taking a 15 min cab from the ferry terminal to the airport

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